Kinry Biotech

Biobond™TG-MB42 In Fish Products

Methods of Use :

Slurry and brushing method: BiobonTMTG-MB42 can be pre-hydrated at 1 part of BiobonTMTG-MB42 to about 4 parts warm water. The slurry is then brushed onto food pieces. Product should then be stuffed, vacuum packaged, or molded. Refrigerate 6 hours to overnight for enzymatic reaction. Longer reaction may result in better performance. Once reacted, freezing or cooking does not weaken the bond. 

Prepare the material → Make slurry → Wait until foams disappear 

 Brush slurry to coat entiresurfaceSlurry in the bowl will stay in a  liquid state 

→ Stuff or vacuum package, then refrigerate 6 hours to overnight for enzymatic reaction 

Stuff or vacuum package,then refrigerate 6 hours to overnight for enzymatic reaction 

   Once reacted,BiobonTMTG-MB42    creates very strong bonds. → Freezing orcooking does not break the enzymatic bonding