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Biobond Transglutaminase

百帮商标logo.jpgBiobond™ Transglutaminase(TG) is a nature original enzyme which can cross-link proteins. It can improve the quality and flavour of food and reduce the cost of food preparation.
Biobond™ is active over a fairly wide PH range and at PH values that are typical for many food systems.
Biobond™ is active over a broad temperature range. 
Biobond™ Transglutaminase has widely applications in most system of foods which contain protein. Using additional components,it can be customized for use in   many other foods,even those with lower protein content.

Effect of TG formation of cross-links

                                           TG improves the physical properties of food (e. g. textural properties like firmness and                                                  elasticity).